My name is Ricci Bosley, founder of Lily’s Prop Closet. I want you to personally get to know me, and understand the full spectrum of my vision for LPC, so let’s start from the beginning.

I was born and raised in the Midwest with a strong family-oriented upbringing. My siblings and I had countless sleepover’s at my Nana’s house, and we have so many memories of baking, playing and crafting with her.

Around the time I reached the double-digit stage in my life (that’s right the big 1-0) my Nana (Lillian) started teaching me to crochet. I was so excited when I made my very first scarf! SCORE- I was winning! I had actually finished a project!

Life went on, we all became busier and busier, and crocheting went to the way-side. In 2011, my mom picked up her hooks again and inspired my sister and I to join her. I cannot express what an adventure it has been since that day.

My husband is in the military, which has left us several thousand miles away from home. Crafting has been a way for my mom, sister and I to bond from afar. Of course, we always talk and keep up on each other’s lives, but when we started crafting with each other it made me feel like we were right next door – instead of a $600+ (x a family of 4) plane ride away.

We started out crafting for fun, and as we became more and more experienced we started doing craft shows. Each of us has our own niche’ and mine just happened to be photo props. I’m in love with the service photographers offer their clients, and it warms my heart knowing I can be a part of the creation of those life-long memories.
I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, IT professional, student… and the list goes on. I’m sure you all understand the many-hats-wearing life. Can I get a Hashtag#? Haha!

The LPC culture is warm, calm and inviting! Every time you purchase from my company I will make sure you receive the highest customer satisfaction, while receiving quality products.

I founded LPC because I wanted a community of artful people to surround myself in. It’s like Christmas morning every time I see and in-use photo of one of my props. To know that I am a small piece of your creation that will forever be a cherished moment in a family’s life is truly priceless to me.

My dream is to work with other creative souls, to grow through creative interaction, and foster opportunity for a dream come true.

Have you heard the saying ‘dream until it comes true’? I truly believe, with my entire being that everyone should dream until it comes true. Lily’s is MY dream come true, and I hope Lily’s will be the reason for yours!

Thank you all for supporting me and my business, and allowing me to be a part of yours!

Truly and Sincerely,

Ricci Bosley, LPC Founder

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